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Market Strategy

Global Cross Asset Strategy: Fixed Income, the Fed, and Recession

  • Fourth quarter 2022 US GDP data posted further proof of the resiliency of the US economy.
  • We are watching JOLTS and real wages.
  • We recommend cash and cash equivalents such as 3- and 6-month T-bills yielding 4.6% – 4.7% as well as short-term investment grade corporate and government debt instruments at this juncture. As we move towards recession, IG should hold up relatively well with favorable financing conditions.

January 27, 2023

Market Strategy

Global Cross Asset Strategy: Potentially Premature Rotation Kicks off the Year

  • Global equities have rallied to kick off the year, led by a rotation to recovery stocks even before the recession occurs
  • Despite the underperformance so far year-to-date, we prefer holdings positions in those more defensive sectors
  • Consensus earnings expectations for 2023 of some 7%  y/y are too optimistic
  • EM equities are similarly off to a strong start


January 19, 2023


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