Alternative Investments

Alternatives Are Essential

Current economic environment make even more challenging to find opportunities for alpha generation, income and diversification in the public markets have made alternative investments essential, not optional, for meeting portfolio objectives.

Gleaned on Bulltick’s conviction of “why” alternatives are essential in any investing portfolio modeling, our clients are guided on a customized process through the Bulltick’s Alternatives unique model portfolio composition on the most efficient and customized “how to add alternatives” to their own investment portfolio.

Incorporating alternatives into portfolios presents specific intrinsic challenges for those investors not familiar with this asset class, either if they are experienced institutions or first-time alternatives investors.

Roadblocks to effective execution can include lack of knowledge or familiarity, limited information and transparency, liquidity concerns, risk constraints, vehicle access restrictions, fee mechanisms, minimum investment requirements, measuring and modeling complexities, valuations, and intra- and inter-asset class correlations and dispersions, among others. 

Alternative Investment Product Offerings

Bulltick offers exclusive access to best-in-class managers, complete guidance and expertise in the area to simplify and facilitate our clients Alternative investment strategy implementation.

A professional approach to the different portfolio construction methodologies can help our clients determine the size and composition of alternatives allocations within a total portfolio context.

Even the most sophisticated investors can be overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of alternative the different asset classes, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Private Credit, Commodities and their endless combinations require a deep analysis of each product and strategy before its implementation.

Hedge Funds

Real Estate

Private Debt

Private Equity

Direct Investments

Venture Capital

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach relies on sourcing the best-in-class managers that have a focused, proven strategy in compelling, industries. We rely on the following selection criteria:

  • Niche markets, with sector preference in growth and buyout
  • Top- quartile performing funds
  • Experienced management teams with investing and operating experience, ability to drive returns, and open new market opportunities.
  • Preferred geography in USA and Europe
  • Ability to co-invest in direct deals
  • Transparency of investments and performance
  • Direct communication access to fund GPs
  • Exclusivity in distribution to Latin America
  • Sourcing based on our proprietary network