We are a majority employee-owned firm in operation for over 20 years, where institutional capabilities and innovation go hand in hand with the pursuit of returns.

At Bulltick, we commit the best talent, capital, and ideas to assist financial institutions, individuals and families in investing, managing and allocating capital to achieve their goals.

BulltickInstitutional Sales & Trading

We are pioneers in the region, having served most of the marquee financial institutions in LatAm for more than 20 years. Moreover, since inception we have been fully trilingual, with Spanish, English, and Portuguese client service and documents as needed. Through the crises and varied fortunes of the countries in the region, we have served our clients’ best interests for decades as others have come and gone.

We provide timely analysis, access to leading trading platforms, and a high level of trading liquidity, routing, and other services to meet our clients’ needs in the areas of equities, fixed-income, options, futures, and currencies.

& Asset Management

By having a very low senior employee turnover we can truly achieve a personalized wealth and asset management service. We get to know our clients and their needs. Bulltick stands out in a commoditized industry by combining technology with a truly tailor-made service. We know that no two clients are alike.

We have the capacity to work with other top-tier financial institutions to better serve our clients by taking advantage of the best products and services such players can offer.

We strive to align with our clients’ interests by offering products and services that contribute meaningfully to achieving their goals.

BulltickAlternative Investments

We offer exclusive access to some of the best managers in the Real Estate, Venture Capital and Private Equity markets. We pick best-in-class managers based on deep due diligence and comparative analysis.

For our wealth and asset management clients, we implement a sophisticated alternative asset portfolio based on their specific risk profile, liquidity needs and long-term goals. By aggregating our clients’ investments, we provide access to opportunities where the minimum investing requirements would otherwise not be met.

For our institutional clients, we offer a range of alternative products from around the world based on their current needs, objectives and portfolio diversification requirements. We don’t just offer products — we offer the best product for each client.

BulltickClient Wealth Protection

We leverage our experience gained by working with some of the most complex Latin American family structures to ensure not only the right asset protection but also arrange insurance for the purposes of wealth enhancement.

We tailor wealth protection to suit the unique needs of our clients and their families based on their country of residence, with scope to optimize wealth and wealth planning.


We are passionate about creating competitive advantages through technological innovations and leveraging technology to help our clients get ahead.

That is why we have long invested heavily in both best-of-breed and proprietary technology solutions. We believe this commitment to innovation, security and resiliency and to flexible, fully-integrated digital solutions leads to a vastly better, and more informed, client experience.

All this through third party solutions and Bulltick’s powerful technology suite:

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