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Family wealth is more than just an investment portfolio. Decades of experience in managing family wealth have taught us that the main goals of any family with valuable assets are: the protection and growth of their family estate and a conflict free wealth succession.

Our business model is unique because we are a global firm with a powerful global operating infrastructure and a wide range of international services covering your family wealth needs, while maintaining the personalized service and flexibility of a boutique financial firm. Our open approach architecture provides clients a high level of flexibility in the structuring of any solution including decisions to choose their own custodian(s), selection of asset-based advisory fee, traditional brokerage commission, and geographic flexibility. Efficient Wealth Management is an activity that requires full time commitment, involving the use of sophisticated tools and processes and a team of professionals that will work for your family without a conflict of interest.

This approach allows us to provide the highest levels of global wealth management services that clients can feel secure and comfortable with. Our solutions can include a comprehensive set of services: Risk Management, Global Asset Management, Investment Banking and Family Office services.

Contact:  Humberto Banuelos