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Our experienced and reputable market strategists provide our clients with timely economic and market analysis, giving a global perspective and drilling down into country analysis and pointed trading recommendations. Our high frequency publications always include specific, actionable ways to play the views we hold. We publish macroeconomic research on a monthly basis as well as frequent country-specific analysis. Our reputable economists are widely respected and regularly appear on leading global and domestic news outlets, such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN en Español, CNN International, WSJ, Financial Times, among others.

Our team has built a powerful network of contacts in the region, bringing our investing clients together with high level fiscal, monetary authorities, and local economists providing exceptional value-added for clients’ investment decisions. Our clients can count on accessible analysts who are available to discuss investment strategies and market shaping events in a timely manner, critical in an ever-changing and inherently uncertain world of global investing. Our independent analysts seek to provide fresh ideas, unique perspectives and unbiased advice, alongside constant actionable trade ideas.

Insight is delivered through various means including the following (available only by subscription):

–  Monthly Strategy conference calls
–  Monthly Market Strategy
–  Country Updates
–  One-on-One interviews