Adolfo del Cueto

Adolfo Del Cueto

Adolfo is a co-founding member and Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Bulltick Capital Markets Holdings, LLC. He has been instrumental in our firm’s development since its founding in 1999 and as CEO is responsible for the firm’s overall strategic direction. With over 15 years of investment banking experience, Adolfo served as head of our Investment Banking division until 2011 and remains highly involved in its growth and development. Read More

Alejandro Creixell

Alejandro Creixcell

Alejandro is a co-founding member, Managing Director, member of the Board of Managers of Bulltick Capital Markets Holdings, LLC and a principal for Bulltick, LLC.   Alejandro played a fundamental role in the growth and development of our equities sales and trading business. More recently, he has been responsible for our Mexican operations and is currently co-head of our Mexico-based investment banking unit. Read More